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Renting to students is a savvy business move, as any landlord will testify. It’s one of the most lucrative forms of buy-to-let investment – offering great rental yields, plus the chance to generate good profit from capital growth. However, some property investment opportunities are better than others. In this guide,…

Modern studio interior with living room, kitchen and copy space on wall. Mock up, 3D Rendering
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As a landlord, your focus should be on boosting ROI as much as possible, whilst still satisfying your tenants. A great way to elevate your rental yield is to appeal to a higher-paying renter (such as a young professional or retired couple). However, they’ll expect an impressive house or apartment…

Colorful houses on a row in a Dublin street with a to let sign in front of one of them
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If your buy-to-let property is in hot demand, you’ll be able to charge a premium and make good money from rental yield. The good news is, it’s not too difficult to give your property the ‘wow factor’; it’s just a matter of knowing how. With that in mind, here are…

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There’s a great profit to be made from investing in buy-to-let property for sale, particularly if you purchase in the right area. However, while location is often discussed at property investment seminars, what’s less talked about is the house itself. Yes, finding the ideal city of town to invest in…

home office desk background,hand holding pencil and writing note on wood table,Checklist Notice Remember Planning Concept
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At our property seminars, we frequently get new landlords asking for tips about how to get started. We cover a broad range of topics relating to this – from purchasing buy-to-let property for sale, to managing tenants effectively. However, if you’re unable to attend our property investment seminars, here’s a…

man and woman discussing new paint colors
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There’s a lot of money to be made from properties in need of some TLC. Buy at the right price, put in a little bit of time and effort, and you could be sitting on a tidy profit. However, bite off more than you can chew, and the whole experience…

Small house with coins. Home saving concept.
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  Investing in a buy-to-let property for sale is a great way to generate an impressive ROI; particularly if you buy in the right area. For example, if you invest in a property in Sheffield, Manchester, Glasgow or Liverpool right now, rental yields are high, which would mean a steady…

Couple visiting estate agents office
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If you’re new to investing in property in the UK, you might be understandably nervous. After all, it’s a major investment and you want to make sure that you get it right – and generate a solid ROI. Here’s some tips to help you get started, and to help you…

Businessman holding a mobile phone
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Despite embracing technology in virtually every other aspect of their lives, many landlords are surprisingly wary of using it to support their buy-to-let ventures. However, as we often say in our property investment seminars, if it makes life easier and boosts profits in the process… it’s worth using! Here are…

Millennium Square is a modern city square in Sheffield, England
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At our property investment seminars, we often get asked about location; and in particular, how much it can affect your ROI. The short answer is… it can affect it a lot. Choose the right location to invest in property in the UK, and you’ll end up with a solid rental…

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