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The Buy2Let Shop, 7th Floor, City South, 26 Elmfield Rd, Bromley BR1 1LR
020 3504 1310 Cheap Dapoxetine Online

Dapoxetine Purchase In India, Dapoxetine Buy London

London tube platform edge. Painted warning on the floor. Train approaching.

Crossrail, now officially renamed the Elizabeth Line, has already started to have significant impact on house prices in the region. Asking prices for properties in certain locations connected by the line have risen by as much as a third in just 12 months, and reports indicate that Buy Dapoxetine Europe even higher in the future.

Continued Growth

According to property consultancy CBRE, prices of properties in the vicinity of a Crossrail station should rise on average by around 3.3% per year above local house price growth, until the train line officially opens. In real terms, this equates to an increase in value of around £133,000 on average.

Investment Properties in London Around the Elizabeth Line

A number of locations have been tipped as offering great property investment opportunities, thanks to the impending opening of the Elizabeth Line. Here’s a brief run-through of the locations predicted to offer best return on investment in the next few years.

  1. Abbey Wood. Largely ignored by London investors for many years, the Elizabeth Line means that prices have steadily risen in Abbey Wood, and look set to do so for the foreseeable future – making this area a top investment. In the past year, house prices have risen by 35%


  1. WoolwichSituated close to Abbey Wood, Woolwich has also been identified as a prime place to find property investment opportunities. Significant property development is taking place in the area, with 163 new homes currently in construction close to the new station.


  1. HanwellSituated along the inner western section of the Elizabeth Line, Hanwell enjoyed considerable popularity with investors last year – with average house prices rising by 21.6%. The arrival of the new station will reduce commuting times by about half an hour – which will make the area very desirable with professionals working in Central London.


  1. TaplowThe pretty village of Taplow has always been relatively popular with people working in the city – and the arrival of the Elizabeth Line has only served to increase this popularity further. Last year, prices rose by 32%, but the average house still remains far more affordable than Central London, at around £315,000.


  1. IlfordFurther afield in Essex, Ilford properties have started to increase in value, thanks to the new train line. Last year, according to Rightmove, properties in the area rose by 29.5% to an average price of £289,459. Other Essex locations on the line, such as Harold Wood and Romford, are also tipped as investment hotspots.

Investing in Property in the UK? Talk to The Buy2Let Shop

If you’re considering investing in property in the UK, or want to find out more about investment properties in London, talk to The Buy2Let Shop in Bromley today. We’re Dapoxetine Online Store in London, with in-depth knowledge of investing in the capital and across the country – and we’re here to help you grow your property portfolio.

We also regularly host property investment seminars – to bring your knowledge of the market up-to-date and provide information on making good returns on your investment.

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Dapoxetine Purchase In India, Dapoxetine Buy London

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