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10 Great Ways to Make Your Property More Appealing to Tenants

10 Great Ways to Make Your Property More Appealing to Tenants

Good rental yields start with high demand. If numerous tenants want to move into your buy-to-let property, this pushes demand upwards – so it makes good business sense to make your property as desirable as possible.

This doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll have to spend a fortune. In fact, we recommend against forking out lots of cash at the start of your investment venture, particularly if you’re working to a tight budget. The good news is, there are plenty of easy ways you can boost your property’s appeal, without burning a hole in your wallet.

10 Ways to Easily (and Cheaply) Make Your Property More Appealing

  • Tidy the front garden. It’s the first thing your prospective tenants will see when they view your property, so it’s important to make a good impression. Prune the shrubs, clean the path, wash the windows and re-paint the window ledges and door, if required.


  • Make it safe. Tenants like to feel secure in their own home. Things like deadlocks on the door, safety catches on the windows, and good quality fire alarms will make a big difference.


  • Get a dishwasher. Tenants value handy appliances like dishwashers, which means you can charge a bit extra in rent.


  • Paint the walls (and don’t forget the ceilings). A lick of fresh paint is a cheap, simple way to totally update the feel of a room. Don’t avoid the ceilings though; a clean, white ceiling instantly makes the room feel brighter.


  • Replace the light switches. Over time, light switches can get grimy. They’re cheap to replace, and instantly make a room look less dated.


  • Get rid of old carpets. If possible, rip up old, threadbare carpets – leaving either the original floorboards exposed, or putting down some form of replacement flooring. This doesn’t have to be expensive – even a wood effect laminate looks better than a worn-out carpet.


  • Clean the oven. It’s a simple (though not very pleasant) task – and it does make a difference!


  • Replace old taps. You can easily update the bathroom by adding new fittings. Some new taps and a new showerhead can totally transform the space.


  • Paint kitchen units. If you can’t afford a replacement kitchen, consider painting the cupboards. You may need to sand them down first (so the paint has something to ‘grip’ to), but this isn’t a difficult job. Choose a darker colour, as it won’t show the dirt so badly.


  • Get a new shower curtain. Again, it’s a simple change to make, and costs virtually nothing. Even better, if you can get a glass shower screen, this adds a luxe feel to the bathroom.

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