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Can You Still Make Money from Buy-to-Let Property for Sale?

In today’s uncertain financial climate, investors want to know where is the best place to put their money. Brexit has had an impact on the market (though not as much as initially feared), and as such, people are concerned that profit margins have been affected; especially given the tax changes introduced in 2016.

The good news is – there’s still plenty of money to be made from investing in property in the UK. It’s just a matter of familiarising yourself with the market and buying sensibly. Here’s more information.

How to Make a Profit from Buy-to-Let Property for Sale

If you’re thinking of investing in UK property, it’s important to be realistic about what’s involved. Yes, there’s big potential to make money, but you’ll need to spend some cash too, not to mention put in some effort to get results. However, a good property investment agent can assist, which makes the process virtually hassle-free.

  • Attend property investment seminars. Before you even start searching the market, it’s vital to brush up on your knowledge. The fastest way to familiarise yourself with UK property investment is to attend a good property seminar. You’ll not only have access to useful information and tips, you’ll also have the chance to ask questions and talk to fellow investors.


  • Learn more about different areas. Some parts of the UK offer much larger profit-making potential than others. For example, if you’re keen to generate a large monthly income from rental yield, the northern cities are the best place to start searching. However, if you’d rather make money from capital growth, the towns surrounding London (in the commuter belt) are rising rapidly in price, as are other locations like Liverpool, Glasgow and the Kent coast.


  • Identify your target demographic. Once you’ve got a solid grasp on the market, you’ll need to figure out who you’re going to rent to. This will depend largely on what area you decide to buy in; for example, a university city is likely to be lucrative if you’re renting to students, whereas a highly regarded market town might be better for families.


  • Know where to look. The best bargains are never in the estate agent windows. If you’re serious about maximising profit, you’ll need to think outside the box! Property investment agents usually have cheaper properties on their books, which are priced competitively to sell. Alternatively, buying a house at auction is a great way to save money and boost profit margins.


  • Understand the law. It’s imperative to know the rules and regulations that landlords must adhere to – or risk a fine, or even worse, a prison sentence. It’s not hard to find out what laws apply to you, or alternatively, speak to an industry expert, who’ll provide you with the information you need.

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