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How to Give Your Buy-to-Let Property the Wow Factor

As a landlord, your focus should be on boosting ROI as much as possible, whilst still satisfying your tenants. A great way to elevate your rental yield is to appeal to a higher-paying renter (such as a young professional or retired couple). However, they’ll expect an impressive house or apartment in return.

The good news is, it’s not hard to inject a bit of ‘wow’ into your UK property investment, if you purchase wisely and don’t go on a mad spending spree. Here are a few design tips to inspire you.

Property Seminar Tips – Making Your Property a Talking Point

  • Choose a statement light / lamp. Lighting can either make a room look stark and featureless or can add depth and a sense of luxury. A statement light in the lounge, such as a designer shade or integrated wall lights, can make all the difference. If you’re supplying the property part-furnished, you may want to consider a corner lamp / table lamp too.


  • Swap glass for stained glass. Stained glass works in any type of property, though is particularly well suited to period houses (especially Victorian or Edwardian). Find a local stained-glass maker and request a customised piece for one of the windows in the house; perhaps by the stairs or even in the porch. It adds a real note of class, which will impress tenants.


  • Strip to floorboards. There are plenty of luxurious carpets out there, but if you want to create a ‘designer look’, floorboards or wooden flooring are the way forward. We don’t mean simply ripping up the carpets and leaving the floorboards bare, though. At the very least, they’ll need sanding and varnishing, and for added style, you may want to paint them. For example, white flooring creates a very decadent look.


  • Customise the kitchen. You don’t necessarily have to blow all your budget on a new kitchen. If it’s in good enough shape, consider painting the doors then investing in a few special, customised units; for example, a pantry cupboard or wall-mounted plate holder. If you hire a good joiner / carpenter to help you, it’ll result in a kitchen that not only looks expensive, but also a bit different to everyone else’s.


  • Think boudoir, not bedroom. Just to clarify, we’re not insinuating that you need to add crushed velvet to the walls and feather boas draped over the bedposts. Instead, we’re talking about incorporating a sense of luxury; perhaps with textural statement wallpaper or an elegant rug. You want your prospective tenants to regard it as an opulent, comfortable place, rather than a featureless room.


  • Choose furniture wisely. If you’re supplying furniture, the good news is, you don’t have to invest in a wide range of designer pieces; just one or two special items will do. Things like side-tables, coffee tables, wardrobes and desks can easily be purchased in Ikea or somewhere similar. However, for larger items like sofas and beds, you might want to go for something more unusual – which stands out as a ‘high-end’ item. Antiques stores might have some good items too; though obviously you’ll need to make sure all furniture complies with current safety regulations.

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