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How to Make Your Buy-to-Let More Technologically Appealing

Want to ensure that your buy-to-let property attracts the right kind of tenant? If so, you’ll need to move with the times. Higher paying tenants expect a better quality of living, and that includes more technological gadgets in the home.

The good news is, technology can be used to not only improve your tenant’s rental experience, but also make life easier for you. Here’s more information.

What Sort of Technology do Tenants Want?

Of course, the level of technology you offer depends largely on your target audience – and what sort of rental income you want to generate. By and large, if you’re appealing to the younger, tech-savvy crowd, you’ll need to incorporate some technological aspects into your buy-to-let. Here are a few things you might want to consider:

  • Super-speedy internet. At the very least, your tenants will expect broadband that delivers top speeds throughout the property. This is essential when appealing to young, high-flying professionals.


  • Smart thermostat. This clever little gadget doesn’t cost too much, but can really make a difference in the home. It makes it far easier to adjust the heat in the property (even from a smartphone), and can encourage less energy wastage, which equates to lower bills.


  • Smart TV. Smart televisions incorporate the internet and allow users to stream video content – which is a major draw for young professionals. If you really want to impress, invest in a larger screen, which will have much more impact when prospective tenants view the property.


  • Smart home system. Smart home systems, such as Amazon Echo or Apple HomeKit let users control various pieces of equipment around the house (such as the radio), using voice recognition.


  • Cutting-edge security. Smart security cameras are a major plus in busy city locations; such as motion-triggered cameras, which live-stream images straight to the user’s smartphone. These devices work out advantageous for both the tenant and the landlord.

Better Technology for Landlords

There are various other forms of technology you can introduce into your UK property investment, which help cut bills and improve efficiency. For example, solar PV panels reduce electricity bills, and tenants tend to be impressed by them too. Even smart plugs and light bulbs can make a difference.

Certain companies now offer maintenance software, which alerts you if there’s an issue in the property that needs resolving. This means small-scale problems can be swiftly addressed, before they turn into large-scale nightmares!

Buy-to-Let Properties for Sale – The Buy2Let Shop

When searching for buy-to-let properties for sale, it’s always important to consider your target audience, and how you can tailor the house or apartment to meet their needs. Although technology might not always be your first priority, it’s certainly worth considering if you want to attract a higher paying tenant.

For more helpful tips and guidance, speak to The Buy2Let Shop team. We’re expert property investment agents, with years of experience working with landlords across the country. In addition to having a wealth of buy-to-let properties for sale on our books, which are all priced competitively to sell, we also offer assistance with buying a house at auction, and hold regular property investment seminars, designed to boost your knowledge even further.

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