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The Buy2Let Shop, 7th Floor, City South, 26 Elmfield Rd, Bromley BR1 1LR
020 3504 1310 Cheap Dapoxetine Online

Buy Brand Priligy - Priligy Generika Paypal

Narrow Street Lined with Terraced Houses and Cloudy Sky

If you’re looking for buy-to-let property for sale, it’s important to consider which areas will generate the most rental yield. However, sometimes it’s all too easy to focus on rent returns, and forget about the other way to make money on the property market – through capital growth.

The UK house market remains buoyant at present, with house prices still increasing in several locations across the country. If you’re thinking of investing in property in the UK, and want to know where properties are set to rise in value the most, read on!

Property Investment Opportunities in the UK

  1. Bromley, Greater London. Investment properties in London are always highly sought-after, and for good reason – they’re only likely to go up in value! However, prices are extortionate in several parts of the capital – and savvy investors are looking further afield for better returns. Bromley, situated just outside the centre of London, offers excellent potential for investors. It’s within easy commuting distance of the city, but an average property can be purchased for £443,767 – a fraction of London prices. House price growth in the last decade has been 63% – and it looks set to grow even higher.


  1. Tunbridge Wells, Kent. Tunbridge Wells is gaining a lot of popularity with commuters – and not just because of its short travel times into London. It’s also known for its great architecture, sense of history and good amenities – all of which are prized by tenants and home-buyers alike. An average house can be purchased for just over £400,000 – and given that capital growth has been 39% in the last decade, it seems likely that house prices will keep on climbing.


  1. Horsham, West Sussex. Horsham has become a property hotspot in recent years, and has experienced a 35% growth in house prices in the last ten years. It’s especially appealing to families and young professionals, thanks to its excellent restaurants, bars and amenities, not to mention schools. At present, you can get a property for around £375,412 here, but prices are likely to increase in the future – making it an excellent property investment opportunity.


  1. Hart, Hampshire. Surrounded by picturesque countryside, Hart’s charms are fairly obvious to anyone who visits – and it’s also far cheaper than other areas, such as Waverley. It’s got plenty of amenities and a thriving town – plus the train to Waterloo takes only 40 minutes. At present, an average house costs £410,076 – but given that Hart properties have risen by 46% in the last decade, it’s wise to invest soon, before they increase any further.


  1. Basingstoke, Hampshire. Basingstoke has undergone transformation in recent years, and is fast becoming a commuter hub – which has sent prices rocketing; 31% in 10 years. However, it’s still possible to get a house for under £300,000; and to enjoy great capital growth, as prices look set to grow even more in the future.


The Buy2Let Shop in Bromley

If you’d like to find out more about investing in property in the UK, talk to The Buy2Let Shop. We’re a team of expert property investment agents in London, and we’ll help you find the right property – at the perfect price for your budget.

We have a lot of properties on our books that aren’t available on the general market, plus we offer assistance with buying a house at auction. If you want to brush up on your property market knowledge, we also hold regular property investment seminars in London too.

To find out more, simply visit Buy Dapoxetine Europe website today.




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