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How to be the Landlord Tenants are Looking for

When searching for buy-to-let property for sale, most investors focus on the house itself. In doing so, they overlook another important factor that can make or break a tenancy – themselves. Recent studies found that 46% of tenants think finding a good landlord is one of the most important aspects of renting, and if you’re not appealing to your renters, you may find yourself losing out.

But what exactly is a good landlord? And what are tenants looking for, when they’re communicating with you for the first time? If you’re not sure, here’s a useful guide to help you.

Landlords More Important Than Location?

Choosing the right location for property investment in the UK is a vital part of building a successful property portfolio. However, recent statistics suggest it’s not the most important thing for tenants. Close to half consider that having a good landlord is a top priority, compared to just 38% who consider location to be ‘extremely important’.

Tenants are looking for the following:

  • People renting your buy-to-let property want to feel that they’re being listened to, and that any issues or queries will be addressed in a timely manner. As a landlord, it’s a good idea to respond to all emails and telephone calls as quickly as possible; and to resolve any problems without delay. Alternatively, make sure you hire a good letting agent to do this for you.


  • Interest in their wellbeing. Tenants don’t want to feel that they’re just a monthly pay-check. They want to feel that you genuinely take an interest in their wellbeing, and that you’re willing to invest a realistic amount of time, effort and money into making the home comfortable (and safe) for them. Even little touches, such as regularly maintaining décor, fixtures and fittings, will be appreciated.


  • Respect for their privacy. You may be the owner of the building, but it’s important to recognise that it’s your tenant’s home. As such, you should be respectful of their privacy. If you need to visit the property, you are required to give them 24 hours’ notice, and arrange a time that’s mutually acceptable to both of you.


  • Good communication. Of course, investing in property in the UK for letting purposes is a business, and should be treated as such. However, it’s perfectly acceptable to develop a positive working relationship with your tenants – and this can be fostered through good communication.


  • In the past, certain media articles have highlighted unfair landlord practices; such as retaining the deposit without good reason, entering the property without due warning, and charging extortionate rates. If you establish yourself as a fair landlord, you’re more likely to be popular with tenants!

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