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Spring-Cleaning Your Buy-to-Let for the New Year

If you’ve just invested in a UK property for rental purposes, you’re probably looking forward to the New Year – and getting the chance to rent out to tenants, and start generating an oncome.

However, in order to attract the right people, the house needs to be in tip-top condition. Here’s a checklist of the major spring-cleaning tasks to undertake in January.

Property Investment Seminar Tips – Spring-Cleaning

In our property seminars, we often focus on property preparation, and how you can command the highest rental rate possible. Maintaining your house to a high standard is imperative if you want to generate a solid return. You’ll need to:

  • Service the boiler. Ideally, this will have been done before winter – but if not, you’ll need to get it serviced now, to ensure it’s in full working order for the cold months of January, February and March. Nothing puts a tenant off a house like lack of heating!


  • Wash the windows. It’s important to make a good first impression, so get the windows cleaned before you put your property on the market. You may also want to re-paint window-ledges (and possibly even the front door), plus remove any unsightly weeds.


  • Clear the gutters. Blocked gutters can cause major problems further down the line – and January is a great time of year to get them cleared out. It doesn’t cost much to hire a local company to do it for you.


  • Clean the chimney. If your property comes with a functional fireplace, it’ll need cleaning on an annual basis. Again, it’s not too expensive to find a local company to do it – and it only takes about half an hour maximum.


  • Clean the carpets / furniture. If the carpets are looking a little grimy, it’s well worth getting them professionally cleaned, as it’ll make a much better impression on prospective tenants. If they’re particularly threadbare or dated, you may want to replace them instead. Likewise, if your property is furnished, make sure all the sofas and mattresses are clean.


  • Sort out the garden. It may be winter, but an overgrown garden will deter tenants, whatever time of the year. It won’t take much, just a quick prune-back of plants, plus maybe a quick mow of the lawn to smarten it up.


  • Touch up the paintwork. It’s amazing what a difference a fresh lick of paint can make. Even touching up the skirting boards can breathe new life into a room, and make it look instantly less shabby.


  • Dust every surface. It doesn’t take long to run around the house with a feather duster, and it’s worth doing, as a dusty house isn’t a terribly appealing prospect. Likewise, give all floors a sweep / vacuum clean.

Finding the Right Buy-to-Let Property for Sale

If you’re interested in UK property investment but aren’t sure where to start, get in touch with The Buy2Let Shop team. We’re property investment agents in London, and we’ll get you started with your property portfolio; focusing on helping you to generate a great profit from rental income and capital growth.

To find out more, visit The Buy2Let Shop website today.

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