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How Technology Can Make a Landlord’s Life Easier

Despite embracing technology in virtually every other aspect of their lives, many landlords are surprisingly wary of using it to support their buy-to-let ventures. However, as we often say in our property investment seminars, if it makes life easier and boosts profits in the process… it’s worth using!

Here are just a few ways in which you can incorporate technology into your daily landlord practices.

Using Technology to Support Being a Landlord

  • Getting app-happy. Security is always a concern for landlords, particularly if the tenant is away from the property for a few weeks, leaving it empty. App technology has now advanced to such a degree that tenants (and landlords) can adjust settings within the house – notably the lighting and the heating. This gives the impression that the house is occupied, even if it’s not. Likewise, controlling the heating means reduced bills – though you’ll need to make sure the tenants are okay with it first.


  • Videos for attracting new tenants. A range of good photos is imperative if you want prospective tenants to arrange a viewing of your property. Even better; harness the power of technology to create a walkthrough video, giving interested people a tour of the house from the comfort of their armchair. It’s a smart way to show off your buy-to-let property, and reduce time-wasters too.


  • Security cameras. If you’ve purchased a buy-to-let property for sale in an inner-city location, then introduce some added security with a camera above the front and back doors. These cameras can be monitored remotely via a smartphone – by both the tenant and the landlord.


  • Smart thermostat. Smart thermostats are relatively cheap to buy, and give tenants a good idea of how much energy they’re using in the house; which encourages them to turn the heating down etc. This is particularly useful if you’re paying the heating bills as part of their inclusive tenancy package.


  • Clever extras. If you’re planning to attract high paying professionals, you may want to invest in some impressive technological gadgets. For example, systems like Alexa (which control numerous devices in the home) are likely to be appreciated by tenants, as are smart dishwashers, ovens and washing machines – which can be operated remotely. Likewise, a gaming system may well be appreciated by students or younger professional tenants.


  • Automatic radiator bleeder. Bleeding the radiators is a maintenance job that can be a bit of a hassle, but it’s important to do it, otherwise the radiators won’t operate efficiently. An automatic radiator bleeder doesn’t cost much, and ensures your radiator is functioning at its optimum at all times – it’s a worthwhile investment.


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