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UK Property Investment: Where are the Best Commuter Hotspots?

Investment properties in London are highly sought-after; and if you buy in the right area, you’re likely to make good ROI. However, investing in the capital isn’t for everyone; especially if you’re working to a more modest budget.

There are plenty of great options surrounding London, with short commuting times that will appeal to professionals. Here’s further information.

Why Invest in a Commuter Hotspot?

Commuter towns aren’t always the most attractive places to live, but they offer one thing that’s invaluable to city workers, and that’s ease of travel into London. For this reason alone, they should be positioned firmly on your radar.

Great options include:


Luton property prices are still comparatively reasonable (expect to pay around £250,000 for a good-sized house), and with commuting times of just 24 minutes to Central London, you can see why it’s picking up in popularity.


This bustling town is a magnet for families, and ideal for commuting tenants – as it takes 26 minutes to get to London. With a convenient central location, it’s also well positioned for accessing other parts of the UK too.


Oxford is pricier, but it’s a highly desirable area, and as such, tenants will be happy to pay more. The commuting times are still under an hour, and the beautiful surroundings are likely to attract renters in their droves. With an Oxford property, you’ll also have the option of renting to students if you prefer.


Slough is undergoing something of a resurgence at present, and property prices are going up accordingly. However, given its proximity to London (just 17 minutes by train), property prices remain highly affordable. Expect to pay around £343,000 for a good-sized house.


This is another affordable location; with house prices around £341,000. This town has all the amenities that renters want, plus easy accessibility to the capital. Commuting times are 35 minutes.


Basildon is a bargain area, and one worth keeping an eye on. Investing in property here will set you back around £262,000, and commuting times are just 34 minutes.

What to Look for in a Commuter Hotspot

If you’re thinking of investing in UK property in a commuter-friendly area, here’s a checklist of things to look for:

  • Easy access to the train station. Commuters don’t just want short commuting times. They also want to be able to reach the station quickly and easily (preferably by walking). When viewing the buy-to-let property for sale, check that it’s just a short stroll away.


  • Local amenities. Your tenants will appreciate being able to reach Central London easily, but they’ll also expect to have some local amenities on their doorstep. Shops, restaurants, pubs and cafes are all highly prized.


  • Good schools. If you’re renting to the family market, you’ll need to find out what schools are like in the area. If a school has been rated ‘outstanding’ on its latest Ofsted report, you can guarantee this will push local demand up.

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