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Where Should You Invest in Buy-to-Let Property in Sheffield?

At our property seminars in London, we often get people asking about which locations are best for property investment in the UK. There are several ‘hotspot’ areas at the moment, but one of the strongest performers on the buy-to-let market is undoubtedly Sheffield.

This Northern city has transformed dramatically in recent years. Regeneration has turned it into a magnet for young professionals and families alike, and savvy property investors are cashing in on this. If you’re keen to invest in Sheffield property, here’s some information about the different areas of the city.

Where to Invest in Buy-to-Let Property for Sale in Sheffield?

  • The city centre. If you’re keen to attract young professionals, Sheffield’s vibrant city centre is a great place to search for property. It’s been extensively redeveloped over the last few years, with further plans in the pipeline; and tenants appreciate the proximity to the city’s best restaurants, pubs, shops and entertainment venues.


  • Kelham Island. Situated close to the city centre, Kelham Island is hotly tipped to be a property investment goldmine of the future. Once an industrial area filled with cutlery manufacturers, all the historic factory buildings have been converted into chic apartments, which are sure to impress city workers. We recommend getting in quick before prices start to sky-rocket.


  • Broomhill. Broomhill is a great area for families and students alike – making it a solid all-rounder for your investment portfolio. It’s pleasantly green (a major appeal for people with children), and is ideally situated close to the university. Find an HMO property here and you could find yourself generating an excellent rental yield.


  • Hillsborough. In addition to being the home of Sheffield Wednesday football club, Hillsborough is also a residential area that’s becoming increasingly sought-after. It’s got its own shopping area (which is appreciated by locals not wanting to head into the city centre) and offers some great properties, at a cheaper price than other parts of the city.


  • Ecclesall. If you’re looking to attract a higher paying tenant, and want to wow them with seriously impressive property, Ecclesall is the place to start looking. The buy-to-let properties for sale here are likely to be generously proportioned, but expect to pay a higher price as a result.

What About Outside of Sheffield?

There are several lovely villages just outside of Sheffield, many of which have beautiful views of the Peak District. If you’re targeting the ‘silver renter’ (those over 60), or want to appeal to families looking for a slice of rural life, they might be a good option for you.

If you’re unfamiliar with the area, we recommend working with a professional property investment agent, who will have in-depth knowledge of the market.

The Buy2Let Shop

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